“Adoption is not a breaking of trust but a keeping of faith… not the abandonment of a baby but an abandonment of self for a baby’s sake.” - Curtis Young (2001)
There are many decisions that have to be made in this life. Some are easy and some are difficult. There are times of sadness and there are times of happiness. The decision of whether to parent or to place your baby is probably one of the hardest decisions that you have ever and will ever be faced with. Knowing that you have a Heavenly Father who is aware of you and your situation will help guide you to the right decision for you and for your baby. We pray that you will find comfort and peace during this time. We love you and pray for you daily. Love, Chris, Amy, Noah, and Kaitlyn

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{About Chris}

Chris was born and raised in Colonial Heights, Virginia. He was raised by two wonderful parents and has 1 sister and 1 brother. He was a very adventurous little boy and loved to play outdoors.

He is a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It started off with playing church ball and then my youngest brother asked him to take the discussions from the missionaries. He joined when he was 16 years old. He served a two year mission to Colorado Springs, Colorado. He absolutely loved his mission and we have visited where he served for vacation one year.
Chris graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Military Science in 2012 from Brigham Young University. He was in the Army ROTC program and loved it. We are in the Army and are currently stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado.
Chris is very family oriented. He loves his parents very much and keeps in contact with them. He is a great father to Noah and Kaitlyn. He enjoys all kinds of sports and watching movies with the family. Chris is such a great man!

{About Amy}

Amy was born in Heidelberg, Germany. Her dad was in the Army. She lived in Hawaii for 4 years before moving to Virginia when she was 7 years old. She grew up in Colonial Heights, Virginia. She has 3 brothers. She is the 2nd oldest child.

Amy danced, cheered, and swam on a swim team growing up. Amy was a lifeguard for 3 summers. Amy loves the beach and warm weather, hanging out with family and friends, and shopping. She loves to scrapbook and cross stitch. Amy also plays the piano and has since she was a little girl.
Amy is currently a stay at home mom and loving every minute of it. She has finished her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and will be graduating in June of this year. Spending time with her family is her favorite activity. Anything they do together, she enjoys.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

{About Noah}

Noah is an awesome kid.  He is so full of energy and is all boy.  He loves every sport there is and has played them all at some point.  He is a great swimmer and loves the beach.  He loves to ride his bike, jump on the trampoline, and hang out with his friends.
Noah is in the 7th grade and is a great student.  He plays the piano and has been taking lessons for almost 6 years.  He loves to play board games and spend time with family.  Noah waited so long to be a big brother and is loving every minute of having a little sister.  He is the best big brother ever!

{About Kaitlyn}

Kaitlyn is just adorable.  She joined our family through the miracle of adoption on August 25, 2012.  She is 18 months old.  She is growing so fast and is just a happy little girl.  Kaitlyn was born in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Her adoption story is simply amazing.  Her birthparents are great people.  They love her so much and enjoy watching her grow.

Kaitlyn loves to play with her toys and climb things.  She has such a funny personality and has us laughing all the time.  She loves to play outside.  Her favorite time is bath time where she can play in the water and make a huge mess.  Kaitlyn loves to eat and is always pulling food out of the pantry so she can have a snack.

She is a daddy's girl for sure.  She lights up when he comes into a room and runs to him immediately.  She also loves her big brother.  When he walks into the house after school she squeals and runs right to him.  And of course she loves her momma too.  Amy and Kaitlyn spend all day together going to playgroups, playing at the park, or just hanging out at the house.

Kaitlyn's Birthparents

We are so lucky to have Kaitlyn in our family.  She has the most amazing birthparents ever!  Ashley and Deon are a huge part of our lives.  They placed their baby girl with us and trusted us to give her the best life possible.  Amy gained a great love for Ashley as they emailed for 2 months about Ashley's sweet baby girl.  Amy fell in love with her from the very 1st email.  

We were able to be at the hospital when Kaitlyn was born.  This is where we officially met Ashley and Deon for the 1st time.  We clicked instantly.  We spent the 3 days in the hospital with them talking, telling stories, and sharing a great love and bond with the sweet new baby.  We were able to spend time with Ashley and Deon as we waited to be cleared to leave the state.  We went to target and shopped and even went to dinner a few times.  It was such an amazing experience to bond with them.  

We remain in close contact with them.  We love sharing pictures with them on facebook, sending them pictures and photo books of their baby girl.  We text and email.  We love that they are now part of our family too.  Our thoughts are this, "you can't have too many people to love you."  We love Ashley and Deon and are very grateful for their great love and sacrifice.  We have pictures of them with Kaitlyn in her room so that she always knows who they are and how much they love her.

{What we want for your Baby}

We want our kids to have the world.  We want them to know how much they are loved by us and by their birth family.  We want them to love to swim and play outside.  We want them to love to read and be read to.  We want them to have a great education and to love learning.  We want them to enjoy vacations to the beach and traveling the Country.  We want the absolute best for all of our children.  Most of all we want them to know that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them.

{How we feel about OPEN ADOPTION}

We feel that by getting a chance to love and raise your baby, that we also are getting the chance to love you and make you a part of our family. An open adoption is a very healthy decision for everyone involved. We feel that it is important for your child to know you and know that you love him or her so much and that is why you made such a sacrifice to make sure that he or she was given the best life possible.

There will never be a time where your child will not know of you, your love for him or her, or that he or she was adopted.

We would love to share pictures, letters, and emails with you so that you always know how your little miracle is going. We are willing to share as much or as little as you are comfortable with. We are willing to talk about what is comfortable for everyone involved.

{Why we CHOOSE to adopt}

It is kind of a strange story.....Chris and I have know since we started dating that we both wanted a big family. A handful of kids and a bunch of amazing memories. I already had a son from a previous marriage and Chris accepted Noah as his own from day one. We always talked about having children and if we couldn't have children we knew that we would adopt and make a home where a child could thrive and have all the joys of childhood. After trying to get pregnant for 2 years we began testing and found out that we cannot have children together. So our plan before we were married and all those conversations paid off. We are now ready to build on to our family and adoption is the right way for us to go about this. We have prayed about this decision and feel that our Heavenly Father has a plan for us and this is the path he has made for us. I feel it is a great honor we have to be able to give a baby a loving home where they will enjoy their childhood and grow up to become a wonderful person who we both will love tremendously.

{How we Met}

We met a long time ago. I believe Chris was about 11 years old. He was really good friends with my two younger brothers. When he came home from his mission, he started hanging out at my house and instead of spending time with my brothers, he started hanging out with me and Noah. We became best friends and Noah just adored Chris. Then Chris and I moved into a relationship and soon after we were engaged. On June 16, 2007 Chris and I were married in the Washington D.C. Temple.

{Our Family}

Our families mean so much to us. We are very close with our family and would love to share a new bundle of joy with them. The above picture is Chris' family. The 1st picture is Chris' brother Ben, his wife Stephanie, and their two kids Allison and Carson.  The middle picture is Chris' parents Clayton and Donna and their grandson Cooper.  The 3rd picture is Chris' sister Steph, her husband Nick, and their two kids Addison and Cooper. 
This is Chris with his brother Ben and sister Stephanie!
The above picture is also Chris' family at our Wedding. Includes both sets of grandparents, his mom and dad, his sister, and his cousin. They were very welcoming to me and Noah coming into the family and we absolutely love them.

Above is my family.  1st picture is Amy's parents Bill and Roxanne.  2nd picture is Amy's brother Jared, his wife Catherine, and their three kids Brayden, Lexi, and Emma.  3rd picture is Amy's brother Adam, his wife Ashley and their two kids Bentley and Wyatt.  4th picture is Amy's brother Josh and his wife Jadey (they also just had their first baby.  His name is Landon and he is stinkin adorable).
This is Amy with her 3 brothers, Jared, Adam, and Josh!
This is a picture of us with our parents and my sister in law. We have such an amazing family and know that your little one would fit in perfectly with our family and would be loved more than anything.